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What is Alpha?

The Alpha Course is a practical introduction to the Christian faith that gives guests an opportunity to explore the meaning of life. Alpha is fun, relaxed and totally non-pressured (that’s probably why over 19 mil. people around the world have already done it!).Listen, learn, discuss, and discover. Ask anything. Alpha is a place where no question is off limits.




Alpha's Three Main Elements


How Does It Work?

Each Alpha Course session begins with food, followed by a short talk looking at a different aspect of the Christian faith. After that, there is a time for discussion in a friendly small group.


Who is Alpha For?

Alpha is for everyone, especially: those who have given up on church, those wanting to investigate Christianity, those who are new to the Christian faith, and those wanting to grow in understanding and faith.

What is the cost?

There is no cost for the course.


Course Information

Course Dates: 6:30-9:00pm

Thursdays from January 9th, 2014 to March 27th, 2014.

Location: Love Church


Please contact Monica Salvo at (260)422-8961 ext.102 or with comments or questions.



Interested? Sign up at:
Alpha Course Schedule


Introductory Dinner: Is there More to Life than This?

Session 1: Who is Jesus?

Session 2: Why did Jesus Die?

Session 3: How can we have Faith?

Session 4: Why and How Do I Pray?

Session 5: Why and How should I read the Bible?

Session 6: How does God Guide Us?

Session 7: Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Session 8: What does the Holy Spirit Do?

Session 9: How Cam I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

Session 10: How Can I Resist Evil?

Session 11: Why and How Should I Tell Others

Session 12: Does God Heal Today?

Session 13: What about the Church?

Session 14: How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of my Life?

Celebration Dinner

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