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Blessed Blooms

  Terrence and Twyla Suttle have 6 beautiful children from eleven months to seventeen. They all grew up in the inner-city and haven’t, until now, been able to make their way out; not for a lack of trying, but of opportunity. Several years ago, Twyla sat in a seminar taught by Pastor Wallace at the welfare office and was inspired to connect with the Love Community Center (LCC) to fulfill the requirements of the TANF program and to sharpen her skills to find employment. Little did she know God had so much more planned for her entire family.

   Twyla proved to be an enthusiastic worker and was a good fit for LCC (Love Community Center). She began training for filing, data entry, and other office administrative tasks. Shortly after starting the program, she introduced LCC to her husband, Terrence, and they inquired about the church. They both soon joined the Love & Respect marriage enrichment classes and continued to show a thirst for being empowered. Terrence, intelligent and hard working himself, volunteered to be Love Auto Repair’s (LAR) first scheduling coordinator when the ministry was founded, and was afterwards employed by Love Auto Repair (LAR).

Shortly after becoming a part of Love Church, another family took notice of what God was doing in the Suttles and approached Love Church leadership about a vision for training inner-city families in farming in order to achieve sustainability, and Rekeweg Blooms was born. Carl and Laura Linnemeier are themselves owners of Linn Dairy which is a farming business that has been in the family for generations.

   The Linnemeiers sell organic beef and other products and are training the Suttles to grow organic produce. The Linnemeiers own a four acre property with a house and envisioned seeing a family start a small farm on the property. Pastor Wallace admits, “Having grown up in the inner-city myself, I didn’t think they would do it. Farming is hard work.” During his recent visit to the farm, he humbly and proudly praises the progress of this unlikely, cross culture, dynamic duo.

   Living Waters Christian Ministries, founded by the Linnemeiers, is a newly born not-for-profit ministry and is in partnership with The Love Center. Their goal is to see other inner-city families empowered through self-sufficient activities which move families from living in poverty to living in purpose. The Linnemeiers and Suttles, who now have their own farm called “Rekeweg Blooms”, have had a wonderful start and have seen some progress, despite this year’s drought, through help from members at Pathway Community Church and other nearby organizations. They have a long road ahead of them and can use your time and talents in order to get, literally, rooted and grounded in a business that has the potential to produce a whole new generation of farmers.

Published August 2012

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