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GED program

The GED program at The Love Center is very unique. We offer a holistic approach to education and look at the individual needs of our clients. Our current GED program is inactive as we are redesigning the program.

The GED program does not have any minimum academic requirements. We will accept any level of education. 

We require regular attendance and participation, however we work with clients based on their other needs and obligations.

The GED program prepares our clients for their GED test while relating what is being learned to real-life situations.

​During a client's initial detailed intake with the instructor, they take a TABE test assessment to gauge their level of understanding. This test will help our instructor develop a highly individualized learning plan which will account for personal barriers and learning challenges. Students also have input when prioritizing the order of subjects and lessons.

Standarized tests and instructor's reports measure a student's progression. 

The GED program runs from 12:00-3:00pm on Mondays and Wednesdays in our education center. The educations center, pictured below includes computers, a small library, a break area, and room to work and learn.  

If you are interested in joining the program or volunteering for the program, please contact us.

Statistics about the GED program at The Love Center:

  • Most of our students come to us after they have already failed as returning adults in a traditional educational setting.
  • Over 60%of our students have been in another adult education program in the past 5 years and had left early in the program due to overwhelming personal or academic requirements.
  • We encourage students to set real-life goals that relate to their academic goals. For example, a students learning how to read can practice by reading a bed-time story to his children. 
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