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Next Steps

Become a part of the family of God through Jesus Christ

If you feel ready to take a step of commitment into the Christian faith or to re-dedicate your life to Christ, you can do so by simply confessing that Jesus Christ is God's son who was raised from the dead as the bible says in Romans 10:9-10.  Jesus was the first to be raised from the dead as the scriptures predicted, and is alive and seated at his father's side in heaven and he offers the gift of eternal life and peace to us.  If you would like assistance through prayer please contact us and say, I'd like to make that commitment.  We would love to guide you through this most important next step in your life.


Be Baptised

The New Testament is full of verses about baptism. Romans 6:3-4 states that as we are baptised with Christ, we die to our old way of life and are resurrected in Christ and have new life. If you feel ready to be baptised, please contact us. We would love to celebrate this occasion with you at our next celebration service.


Belong to a Life Group

Small groups are a place to grow in God, make close friends, and experience an authentic community. You will have the opportunity to be encouraged, receive prayer, and do the same for others. Small groups are held on different nights throughout the week at homes across the city. In a small group, you can find a place of acceptance and belonging. Please contact us if you are interested in belonging in a small group.

Be an agent of change in our community

Serving opportunities are another step toward growing in your faith. If you are ready to make a difference wherever you live, work and play, please contact us. We have lots of faith building opportunities.

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