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To Make A Financial Contribution

Love Church Ministries is blessed to have so many generous ministry partners. The ways our partners bless us varies a great deal.  Some give of their time, others their talent and still other of their treasure.  Whatever the choice, we are incredibly humbled and grateful.
Please see below other ways our partners join us in raising money for the work of ministry.
In-kind donations: We accept several types of in-kind donations. 
1. Donations of clothing or accessories
2. We accept vehicles in running condition or not, your donation helps to further our automotive training program.
3. If you wonder if we can use it or not, give us a call or send an email via our contact form.
Goodsearch: Use your sense to give us cents! Every time you search on Goodsearch, they will give to our organization.

    1. Set your default search engine to GoodSearch.   
    2. Click on “Choose your Cause”
    3. Type “Love Community Center” as your cause.
    4. Search, Shop, and Support our ministry.

Success! Message received.

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