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Valued Again

Store Hours: 9am-6pm Monday-Friday

Closed for chapel on Tuesday from 9-10am.


Located at The Love Center at 1331 E. Berry St. Fort Wayne, IN 46803


Valued Again is a second-hand clothing store that upholds the standards of Christian modesty. Valued Again is just one of the ministries that The Love Center offers. Valued Again is able to help achieve The Love Center's mission by offering quality goods to consumers at an economical price. Every dollar spent goes towards, jobs, job training, leadership development, various life-skills, and literacy classes. Please don't hesitate to call for details!
We also offer a voucher to any customer in need of clothing. This voucher gives the customer a pre-chosen dollar amount that they can use on clothing in Valued Again. The voucher program includes a requirement of an orientation on the 2nd visit and of case management on the 3rd visit.


For information on our sales and special events throughout the year, contact us.

We accept donations of all kinds.
If you have clothing or accessories to donate please drop them off at Valued Again during store hours.
We are always in need of children and infant clothing donations.
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